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Welcome to the website of Grammar School and Secondary Vocational School in Orlová - Lutyně!

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This is a state school where pupils from Orlová and its surroundings can acquire either general education at Grammar School or they can study public administration at Secondary Vocational School.
Basic information about Grammar School:
- Grammar School in Orlová is the oldest school of this type in the Těšín-Silesia Region, it was founded in 1909
- Pupils are taught according to either four year or eight year curriculum, where the former follows the compulsory nine year school attendance and the latter begins after attending five forms at primary school
- The studies are finished by a school leaving examination called "maturita"
- Pupils are being prepared for studies at universities and colleges
- Education at Grammar School is general concerning social sciences and arts as well as maths and science
- Pupils may decide about their future field of study with an appropriate choice of some of many optional subjects
- Pupils learn two foreign languages - they can choose from English, German, French and Russian
- Our pupils are successful in many competitions including all-state ones
- Grammar School in Orlová has partner schools in Rydultowy (Poland), Winterthur and Illnau Effretikon (Switzerland)
- Our school is applying for Comenius Project for the next school year 2004/2005
Basic information about Secondary Vocational School:
- The school was established in 1996
- School leavers may assert themselves in various areas of public administration including the developing Euroregions in the EU
- Pupils acquire knowledge in the field of organization and management of state administration and local-government
- Public administration, civil, comercial and industrial law are important subjects
- Pupils learn two foreign languages, good knowledge of Czech is stressed as well
- School leavers may further study at colleges and universities

Headmaster: Mgr. Pavel Kubínek, telephone: 00420 596 511 792
Secretariate - telephone: 00420 596 511 102
Fax: 00420 596 511 792
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